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He Blinded Me With…Second Place (1762 words) by IrishCoffee
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Sherlock (TV)
Rating: Not Rated
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Jimstrade - Relationship, Grim - Relationship
Characters: Jim Moriarty, Greg Lestrade, Archie Lestrade

Taken from a prompt word on the Sherlock Rare Pair Bingo word list for round two. None of the words are on my card but I’m still using them for inspiration and motivation to write more.

The word was “silver”

Archie did a project for the school’s science fair with the help of Greg and Jim and manages to walk away with a silver medal. He deserved first, of course, but everyone acts like he took gold anyways.

It’s just a small drabble, second parts may come depending on words given and motivation.

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Okay, this is going to be a ridiculously far fetched ask, and I know how unlikely it is, but my curiosity is killing me! I've seen a few Greg Lestrade/Jim Moriarty fics around, though they're few and far between. Are there any where Lestrade doesn't just lie down and take the abuse, because I just cannot see Greg simply rolling over and giving up like he seems to in most of the fics I've found!



ithinkthereforeisherlock: Hm, maybe these?

Staying Professional by glockenspielium

Lestrade may be good at his job at Scotland Yard, but he’s very good at his second job-
Greg Lestrade: Professional Dominator.

Large Predators (Within the City Limits) by taylorpotato

James Moriarty isn’t a man at all, he’s a puppet. The person to be feared is the one pulling the strings. The problem is, nobody has ever suspected Greg Lestrade of being something more than a dim-witted detective that got promoted through seniority.

If the OP here was looking for something a little different than the typical porn stuff, whether Lestrade fights it or not, we have a bunch of fics and drabbles for a more established relationship between the men. 

two sides of the same coin.

two sides of the same coin.

Greg and Jim go out to spend some time with Greg’s grandma. After a restless night, Greg decides to make everyone breakfast. 

There’s some insight into Greg and who he is wrapped up in what low-key grim is and throw in everything happening at a hundred year old woman’s house. It’s pretty short but worth the read. 

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Thank you Pinterest for amusing me


Thank you Pinterest for amusing me

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After posting these Morstrade colour bars yesterday I’ve been informed that morstrade can also be called Jimstrade - so I’ve made a colour bar with that writing on :) Enjoy!


After posting these Morstrade colour bars yesterday I’ve been informed that morstrade can also be called Jimstrade - so I’ve made a colour bar with that writing on :) Enjoy!


100 Word Challenge (1) - Devil May Care (Jim/Lestrade)


A first answer to the 100 Word Prompts. This was supposed to be a drabble but I got, ah, a little carried away. For Notluvulongtime, who prompted “100 days in love with Lestrade (and he doesn’t know it)”. You said any pairing, but I happened to see a certain post…

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Jimstrade that I drew around Christmas for timbisley and never got around to uploading and I am sO SORRY FOR THAT

Little girls dream of their wedding day as a child. Jim dreamed of the day he could light shit on fire with someone.
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Hello! I'd like to request some Lestradiarty [Lestrade/Moriarty] fics and art, please. Thank you :]


Hey there! You probably won’t be surprised to hear that the selection of Lestradiarty out there is tragically small. Two of the best were written by the fabulous Impishtubist

Chameleon was originally written for the Rare Pair Fest and features a DI with”…a secret that no one—not even Sherlock—has ever guessed.”

Rating: R

Warnings: implied torture, implied character death

Her second fic is called The Fighter Still Remains, and was originally an anon response to this picture prompt on the kinkmeme (there’s your fanart!). “Moriarty, dissatisfied with Sherlock’s response to him at the pool, decides on a new approach to get at the detective. Lestrade gets caught in the crossfire.”

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: DON’T FOOL AROUND WITH THIS ONE. Dearjim couldn’t handle reading it more than once. Includes torture (beating and permanent injury), semi-graphic rape, molestation, and implied character death. That said, if you can handle it this fic will make a beautiful—if heartbreaking—impression. 

The third fic we’d like to recommend is called The Rough Side of the Silver Lining, by Life is Intriguing. “A snapshot of the abusive nature a relationship with Jim Moriarty entails for Greg Lestrade.”

Rating: Hard R

Warnings: dubcon and abusive relationship dynamics

In addition to these, there is a surprising amount of Lestradiarty fics in French at FF.net. Since neither of us can read French fluently, we can’t review, but if anyone’s interested they’re here

I find this list very appalling.
Not because the stuff I’ve written isn’t on here but because the only way people see this relationship working is in an abusive, non-con sort of way. 

If you are looking for something a bit more relationship based I’d like to direct you to the contents of this blog. There’s fanart, manips, and fics. Come round! Get your fill!

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